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Our power solutions

State of the art

Our power solutions: Programs

BOS power systems

“Wire, plug and play – everything in one day”.

Easy to install; with lithium battery and charge controller as one unit.

Smart load management; with the possibility to prioritize critical loads.

Remote monitoring; enabling remote management, diagnosis and fixes.

Dust and waterproof IP65 industrial housing.

High quality products manufactured in Germany.

BOS power system.jpg

Proprietary hybrid battery

Optimal balance between performance and cost

Our innovative Lithium/Lead Acid hybrid storage solution combines the long lifetime of Lithium with the low cost of Lead Acid. With costs per stored kWh around 60% below that of Lead Acid systems, the hybrid storage system becomes the most cost effective solution already in the first 3 years. Our Lithium power system is easily connected to any existing or new Lead Acid power bank.

DC mini grid technology

Sharing the power

Staff houses, boarding facilities, households or other units surrounding the clinic or school can be connected to the central power units using mini-grid technology. DC mini-grid is a very cost efficient off-grid solution for powering several co-located facilities or housing units.

The systems can also be connected to the grid and function as UPS solution.

BOS minigrid.jpg
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